in some ways this is turning in to a really good year

Spring 2020

so I’m out for a ride and I see this straggly-but-pretty flower and I wonder if I’ve ever seen it before and then I realize I haven’t actually looked thoughtfully at the world for a few years.

both as penance and rehab for wasting, what, some 6 million saccades (~number of fixations of gaze in my last 2.5 years of bike rides) I am stopping and looking. I am recording and thinking and remembering.

a lot of these are found on my property, or walking down to the mailboxes. (house rules: everything must be accessible on foot or by bike, no driving). the rides are the best, the rides are for finding. new is good.

and because i’m multi-tasking sometimes these posts are done with my daughters who help find new flowers and look them up and learn about them.