Rough-leaf dogwood

I like these. Despite being small trees, they’re subtle, and this year, that’s a nice balance from the blasts of violet and blue and blood orange and pink. I saw these along a fenceline on one of the faster roads I bike on. I was in a rare moment when I was going quick, and knew I was going quick, and was starting to enjoy seeing how quick I’d gone on the whole ride (bike computer mostly for safety reasons, but hey, I’m a data guy). Maybe it would be a number and I’d like it. I was musing on that, because it had been so long since I’d cared about how fast I was in something, and I decided I wasn’t embarrassed and liked it and wanted to finish above 18 mph. But then I saw these flowers and hit the brakes and made sure I got some good pictures. I’m glad I did, although it was fun to get in touch with that weird little part of me I didn’t know still existed.

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